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Fun and easy way to make ring using pipe cleaners

This is a simple DIY project to make a ring shaped flower that you can wear as a jewelry piece. This can be a perfect gift for any occasion or even just to gift it to your loved one. Watch the video tutorial to learn how to make the DIY Flower ring from pipe cleaner by following these simple steps.

Materials Required

Step 1

Take two pipe cleaners, one for the making the flower and for making the ring. here we have taken yellow pipe cleaner for making the flower and green for the ring, Take the yellow pipe cleaner and cut it in half

Step 2

Now we have two small pipe cleaners take one and make a loop like shown.

Step 3

Take another small pipe cleaner and pass it through the loop from the other

Step 4

Twist both pipe cleaners from the centre and it would look like this, having 4 ends.

Step 5

Now take one end and start rolling it inwards towards the center

Step 6

Do that for all four ends, and your flower will take shape

Step 7

Take another pipe cleaner and pass it between the for petals, from the centre.

Step 8

Pull it tightly from behind the flower so it will come directly at the center like shown in the image

Step 9

Twist the two ends of the green pipe cleaner from backside of the flower.

Step 10

Wrap the green pipe cleaner around your finger to measure the size of the ring (try to not keep it too tight) and twist the ends forming a ring.

Step 11

Cut out the extra pipe cleaner from the ring.

And your Flower ring is ready! Make it using different color of pipe cleaners, sparkly and shiny!

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To watch a step by step video on how to make this wonderful flower ring, click on the video banner below

Learn how to make a beautiful flower ring out of pipe-cleaners with this video tutorial. This makes for a perfect gift for any occasion and is very easy to make

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