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How to make a Paper lobster craft using just paper


Materials needed:

Step 1: Take an A4 size origami paper and diagonally fold it inside as shown, half way to the paper.

Step 2: Now fold the folded part again till the end of the paper.

Step 3: If you open it it should look like this, the lines are there due to the folds so see if it is folded correctly.

Step 4: Now fold it to the edge as we did in step 1 and cut the paper in curves like shown from the wide area side.

Step 5: Now make small cuts using the scissor from the folded side.

Step 6: Make many cuts as shown, do not cut it entirely just make small cuts.

Step 7: Now open the folds and it would look like this.

Step 8: Paste the two ends together as shown using glue.

Step 9: Now to make the tail, take a small origami paper fold it and then cut it into the shape as shown.

Step 10: Now make cuts on the paper here again as we did before for the body of the lobster.

Step 11: To make the legs of the lobster, take another paper and fold it and cut the shape of legs as shown, make 5 of such legs.

Step 12: when you would open the legs cut out and paste it below the body it will look something like this.

Step 13: Paste the tail of the lobster as shown using craft glue.

Step 14: Now make the hands as shown, make two for each side.

Step 15: Take a small paper and draw eyes using sketch pen and paste it on the lobster head.

Step 16: Cut out a really thin strip of an origami paper or simply take a Quilling paper strips, and using a scissor just gently put it at the start of the strip and pull the scissor out all the way touching the paper, the paper strip will form curves because of the force.

Step 17: Make two of such strips and paste them on the mouth of the lobster.

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For a full tutorial of this craft, check out the video below from our YouTube channel.

Looking for a fun and easy craft to do? This DIY paper craft is perfect! Using just paper, you can create a fun and festive paper craft that you will love.

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