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How to make Tricolor Cap for Independence day

This Indian independence day let’s celebrate it using our created crafts! Create this easy to make diy Tricolor cap using just papers! Get the materials and Get set go!

Materials needed:

Step 1: Take a card stock paper and cut strips out of it, big enough to make a band around the head, Cut multiple of such strips and paste them together to make one long band- long enough which can fit the head.

Step 2: Now take an origami paper of the tricolor, cut the strips out of them small enough which could fit the band.

Step 3: Now paste the color strips on to the cardstock band like shown.

Step 4: Now fold the ends of the band and connect it using a stapler.

Step 5: To make the head of the cap, Take another cardstock and draw the curve putting the band on to the paper.

Step 6: Now draw the cap head like shown, keep extra space on the bottom side as it will be getting connected to the band.

Step 7: As shown in the image carve the curved line, so it can be folded later.

Step 8: Now cut the paper till the sketched and carved curve line.

Step 9: Now apply the tricolor origami paper on the cap head, and cut the extra.

Step 10: Now the cuts which were made before apply glue on it as it will get stick to the band.

Step 11: Put the cap head below the band.

Step 12: Paste the inside of the cut paper onto the head band from inside.

Step 13: Make the Ashok chakra using a sketch pen on the middle of the flag cap.

And your own flag cap is ready!
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This Indian independence day, let's celebrate by using some of our own homemade crafts! For example, you can make this easy DIY Tricolor cap using just paper!

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