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All Arts and Crafts Supplies that you need in the India is at Vibhuti Crafts. We have a huge range of Crafts materials, pom poms, wooden sticks and much more. Buy for quality and value for money.

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    3D Adhesive Foam Square Sided Foam Tape, 1 Pc

    • Material: Eva Foam 3D Single Adhesive Foam Square Mount– 1 Pack – 192 Piece – 8x8mm | 1 Pc
    • Use the mounts to add dimension to your craft with a slight 3D element. You can also stack the dots together to create more surprises!
    • Mess free sticking, just peel and apply.
    • Use them in cards, scrapbooks, tags, journals, photo frames and other creative projects.
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    Faber Castell- 6 Bi Colour Pencils

    • Best of class color pencils with smooth color rich leads and special bonding that offers good sharpen ability and high break resistance
    • Phthalate free lacquer on our pencils makes it safe for children
    • Ideal for beginners age 8+
    • Triangular water color pencils for students
    • Dual sided colour pencils in a hexagonal shape.
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    Vibhuti Crafts – Sequins,Beads, Smiley

    • PACKAGE INCLUDES- 25 gram & 50 grams for different sequins and bead
    • SIZE- The size of the Smiley design & each piece measures 1/4 inch (5-6 mm). The size of emoji beads ranges between 6-8 mm
    • Those alphabet letter beads for making kandi beads bracelet jewelry can be gifts for family and friends.
    • Colourful and cute fruit slices are made of safe and durable polymer clay, which is non-toxic and will not fade
    • Rubber Polymer slices are tiny, soft and cute, best for nail art decoration and fit all fingernails, also ideal for face decoration, makeup addition or crafts supply.
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    Vibhuti Crafts Epoxy Art Resin – 120grams & Hardener – 40grams, Transparent, 1pc

    • Odour & fume free.
    • Auto bubble release
    • Self-leveling resin
    • Non-yellowing
    • Mixes well with Resin color/pigments
    • Long shelf life
    • Water & stain resistant
    • No pot life: 45 minutes
    • Full internal cure: 48 hours
    • Touch dry: 12 hours
    • Cure to handle: 10 hours
    • Overcoat time: after full curing
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  • -24%

    Paper Cups- Pack of 10

    • Pack of 10 Cups
    • The pack of ten allows easy storage, carrying, and usage options
    • These light-weight, eco-friendly, disposable cups are wonderful to see during traveling too.
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  • -39%

    White Craft Scrapbooking Glue

    • Adhesive for crafts loved for its superior quality and ease of application.
    • It is used to bond a variety of substrates like cardboard, paper, polystyrene, wood, and other material.
    • Ready to use, non-staining white adhesive.
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    Vibhuti Crafts Paper Quilling Crimper Tool

    • Add wonderful design elements to your quilling creations using this simple, quick and easy-to-use quilling strip crimper tool
    • Use quilling paper for great results
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    Kraft Paper (Brown Color, Pack of 10) A4 Size

    • Natural Brown Colour (Shade may vary a little)
    • Easy to cut into desired shapes using scissors and paper cutters.
    • Appropriate for creating paper products, students’ school projects, and various art and craft activities. Use them in making envelopes, paper bags, paper crafts, school projects, kids’ crafts, and general crafts.
    • Craft paper for boxes, home and office decoration, art, all kinds of projects, greetings, collages,s, etc.
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    Vibhuti Crafts Googly Eyes, 100Pcs

    • Nonadhesive back googly eyes and must be glued on (Glue is not included) Perfect for Easter favors, colorful fabrics, valentines day and Halloween decorations when making things props with plastic eggs and pumpkins.
    • Great for many scrapbooking ideas. Adding these plastic eyes to kid’s photo albums, along with buttons, stickers, and embellishments for a wacky fun pass-time addition.
    • Perfect for Easter favors, valentines day, Halloween decorations, plastic eggs, Easter baskets, and pumpkin buckets. These Kid craft supplies are versatile and fun.
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    MDF Coaster Set (Coasters + Acralyc Colours + Mandla Tools)

    • Supreme quality of MDF used to create these plain wood coasters. Highly durable unfinished wooden cutouts are ideal for any DIY art and craft project.
    • 10cm x 10cm x5mm | 4Pcs MDF Coaster
    • MDF Coaster Set in Circle Coasters + Acralyc Colours + Mandla Tools
    • Do anything with these boards from staining to engraving, or for Painting or Art Work and are ideal for decoupage activities for kids, artists, custom art creators, and instructors.. Let your imagination run wild! Easy to finish.
    • DIY- Do it yourself art and Craft Products

    The supreme quality of MDF used to create these plain wood coasters. Highly durable unfinished wooden cutouts are ideal for any DIY art and craft project. Do anything with these boards from staining to engraving, or for Painting or Art Work and are ideal for decoupage activities for kids. An ideal Diwali gift to craft lovers, housewarming, birthday or anniversary parties, kids as well as adults who love working on DIY projects. It comes in an attractive finish.

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  • -40%

    Shredded Old News Paper -50grams

    • Paper Shred Filler Approx 50grams.
    • Used old newspaper Shredded
    • Usage: It’s ideal for stuffing your gift boxes or baskets perfectly to make your gifts more beautiful and exquisite, Attractive void fill for baskets and gift boxes. Good for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.
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    Wooden Tooth Pick 2.5″, 50Pc

    • These Tooth Picks 2.5″, come in a pack of 50Pc pack.
    • As the name suggests, these are not only for Tooth Picking but find many uses in Various Craft and DIY projects- Toy making, School projects.
    • These Wooden Toothpicks can also be used to hold Clay together in Clay Crafting.
    • Made with special soft wood.
    • Eco-friendly product
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