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    Vibhuti Crafts Epoxy Art Resin – 120grams & Hardener – 40grams, Transparent, 1pc

    • Odour & fume free.
    • Auto bubble release
    • Self-leveling resin
    • Non-yellowing
    • Mixes well with Resin color/pigments
    • Long shelf life
    • Water & stain resistant
    • No pot life: 45 minutes
    • Full internal cure: 48 hours
    • Touch dry: 12 hours
    • Cure to handle: 10 hours
    • Overcoat time: after full curing
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  • -24%

    Paper Cups- Pack of 10

    • Pack of 10 Cups
    • The pack of ten allows easy storage, carrying, and usage options
    • These light-weight, eco-friendly, disposable cups are wonderful to see during traveling too.
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    Wooden Tooth Pick 2.5″, 50Pc

    • These Tooth Picks 2.5″, come in a pack of 50Pc pack.
    • As the name suggests, these are not only for Tooth Picking but find many uses in Various Craft and DIY projects- Toy making, School projects.
    • These Wooden Toothpicks can also be used to hold Clay together in Clay Crafting.
    • Made with special soft wood.
    • Eco-friendly product
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