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All Arts and Crafts Supplies that you need in the India is at Vibhuti Crafts. We have a huge range of Crafts materials, pom poms, wooden sticks and much more. Buy for quality and value for money.

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    Vibhuti Crafts Quilling Tools and Accessories Set

    • 1Pcs of set quilling comb, needle, crimper, mold, border buddy.
    • High-quality quilling tool set
    • 3 Quilling tools for beginner and professional
    • Made of high-quality steel
    • Smooth surface, gentle to quilling paper
    • Ideal for children, adults and professional quilling artists
    • The quilling comb is used to make flower petals, the quilling needle is used to make quilling paper.
    • The Quilling Needle is ideal for achieving sweeping curves
    • The Quilling Crimper is ideal for making dentate frame edge
    • Quilling Needle is strong and durable.
    • Quilling Mold: A mold is an accessory tool for quilling craft.
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    Hardcover Diary- 21x14cm, 160 Pages, 1 Pc

    • 21x14cm (A5 size), 160 pages
    • Ecofriendly hardcover
    • Rounded corners and elastic closure
    • Perfect for maintaining personal records, using as a planner, making journal entries or using in school projects
    • The convenient size fits easily in handbags, schoolbags, and backpack. Ideal for carrying along.
    • A wonderful gift option
    Paper style
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    DIY Art Kit – Artists Drawing Kit

    • 20Pcs A3 size drawing paper
    • 26Pcs A4 size rough paper
    • Drawing book A4 size(drawing paper) 1 book-15 sheets
    • Pencil box 1 box set of 6 (includes HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B, 10B)
    • Color pencils 1box set of 12
    • Sketch pens 1box set of 12
    • 1Pcs Paper cutter
    • Charcoal sticks 1box- set of 3
    • 4Pcs Paper clips
    • 1Pcs String bag
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    Shredded Old News Paper -50grams

    • Paper Shred Filler Approx 50grams.
    • Used old newspaper Shredded
    • Usage: It’s ideal for stuffing your gift boxes or baskets perfectly to make your gifts more beautiful and exquisite, Attractive void fill for baskets and gift boxes. Good for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.
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    Rubik’s Cube 3x3x3 Solving Kit

    • WHAT’S INSIDE: 3x3x3 Cube, Formula Cards, Important Instruction Sheets and Goal Cards, Access to Online Videos.
    • WHY MYSKILLSHAALA CUBE SOLVING KIT: A single stop solution with Good quality cube and all the required learning material that you’ll need to get started with solving a cube.
    • BUILD SKILLS FOR LIFE: Learn Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Increase Confidence, and Improve Spatial Memory.
    • LEARN ONLINE: Become a member of an awesome online community of learners, makers and innovators. Learn 50+ Skills with 500+ activities from amazing educators.
    • A PERFECT GIFT: Educational, Fun-filled and Interactive. An ideal gift option for kids of Age 8 Years onwards.
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    DIY Mini Quilling Kit

    • BEGINNER’S QUILLING KIT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: We really mean it when we say it is for beginners. My Creative Camp’s Beginner’s Quilling Kit is the perfect kit for those who want to be introduced to the world of quilling. It is for kids 8+ as well as adults.
    • WHAT’S IN THIS ART KIT?: Instructions booklet, 300 quilling strips of the 3mm and 5mm, needle tool, tweezers, glue bottle with glue filled in, Scissor, Jewelry Findings Accessory.
    • INSTRUCTIONS BOOKLET: Why do we mention it again? Because our instructions booklet explains what each tool is and how to quill using them. It has step-by-step instructions with quilling patterns to create projects and inspire without giving up! The projects are fun yet simple for young hands and have been thoughtfully created keeping beginner artists in mind. The projects have been arranged from easy to difficult and exciting for both girls and boys to make.
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    Resin DIY Kit with Jewellery Easy Resin Cast

    • We are offering high quality proven, tested, and safe art resin starter kit which is perfect for earring-making kit and it is highly glossy for coating and casting a craft: Two components of epoxy resin and hardener with a mix ratio of 1:1. With a highly transparent.
    • With tabletop epoxy resin, countertops, resin jewelry, or even jewelry you need durability, that’s why we crafted an epoxy formulation. With our Resin Jewelry kit, the design you will handcraft will build to last.
    • For beginners, this is the only complete epoxy resin kit you’ll ever need to upstart your hobby. If creativity is your passion, then you’ll appreciate our amazing clear-cast epoxy resin kit.
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    DIY Mini Loop game Kit

    • Make your own Mini Loop game and play it with your friends
    • Perfect kit for STEM education, tech workshops, weekend projects, holiday presents
    • This is a fun kit for beginner to learn about DIY electronics, great for learning electronics and make your own fun projects.
    • This is a DIY kit for beginners to learn about electronics.
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    DIY Electronics Kit for Beginners – Basics of Circuits


    • Make over more projects with this DIY Electronics Kit, All Tested and OK
    • A great gift for everyone. DIY Electronics Kit is unique and practical, a popular science and technology learning tool for 8+ ages & above, it can develop hands-on experience, improve their ability in problem-solving and provide an opportunity to be creative!
    • The kit includes the Breadboard, Jumper Wire, Battery, LED, Buzzer, Push Button, DC Motor, Templates and Instruction sheet. You can buy different components to extend the learning experience!

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    DIY Mini Electronics Kit

    • WHAT’S INSIDE: 15Pcs Different LEDs, 1Pcs Battery, 1Pcs Battery Cap, 2Pcs Connectors, 10Pcs Male to Male Jumper Wires, 2Pcs Buzzers, 1Pcs Breadboard, 2Pcs Switches
    • WHY MYSKILLSHAALA DIY ELECTRONICS KIT: A single-stop solution with all components and learning material that you’ll need to get started with electronics.
    • BUILD SKILLS FOR LIFE: Enhance Creativity, Learn Problem Solving, Build Confidence and Make Innovative Projects.
    • LEARN ONLINE: Become a member of an awesome online community of learners, makers and innovators. Learn 50+ Skills with 500+ activities from amazing educators.
    • A PERFECT GIFT: Educational, Fun-filled and Interactive. An ideal gift option for kids of Age 8 Years onwards.
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    Quilling Strip – 5mm, 100 Strips

    • Perfect for Quilled Jewellery, Quilled Miniatures, Wall Art, and other general crafts.
    • Great for making Signages, scrapbooks, and Card Components.
    • Make 3D representations with these paper strips
    • Available in 5mm thickness.
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    DIY Craft Kit

    • 30pcs Pipe Cleaners & 30pcs 2cm Pompom & 30pcs mix size of Googly Eye
    • 50pcs Wooden Ice-cream stick & 50pcs Multicolour wooden ice-cream stick
    • 10pcs Glitter Foam sheet & 50 Origami Paper
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