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    3D Adhesive Foam Square Sided Foam Tape, 1 Pc

    • Material: Eva Foam 3D Single Adhesive Foam Square Mount– 1 Pack – 192 Piece – 8x8mm | 1 Pc
    • Use the mounts to add dimension to your craft with a slight 3D element. You can also stack the dots together to create more surprises!
    • Mess free sticking, just peel and apply.
    • Use them in cards, scrapbooks, tags, journals, photo frames and other creative projects.
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    Childrens Safety Craft Scissors, 1 Pc

    • Package: 1Pcs | Material: Plastic | Size: 5.31 inch
    • For Childer three and above children are the perfect way to start learning how to cut.
    • Child-Safe scissor colourful tools can be a good starter set for a new little artist.
    • Comes with a spring mechanism which reduces the amount of pressure a child has to put while cutting
    • Helps in developing child’s motor skills, bilateral coordination and hand eye coordination
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    Rangeela Students Tempera Colours, 12 Shades

    • each colour contain 36ml
    • Rangeela Student Tempera Colours, 36 ml is easily washable, safe to use and safe for children.
    • These colours help you make and enhance personalised, attractive handmade gifts.
    • Tempera paintings are very long-lasting.
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  • -33%

    Art Drawing Pencil Box

    • Includes 6 professional quality graphite pencils is an essential addition to your collection of art supplies.
    • Includes 6 professional quality graphite pencils is an essential addition to your collection of art supplies.
    • A smooth writing feeling, top-quality graphite pencil for writing,a hexagonal shape that prevents rolling off the table.
    • Special bonding makes the graphite leads extra break resistant, and gives them superior long lasting point strength.
    • Can be used for drawing, sketching, hatching, shading, shorthand and computer stationery
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    Faber Castell- 6 Bi Colour Pencils

    • Best of class color pencils with smooth color rich leads and special bonding that offers good sharpen ability and high break resistance
    • Phthalate free lacquer on our pencils makes it safe for children
    • Ideal for beginners age 8+
    • Triangular water color pencils for students
    • Dual sided colour pencils in a hexagonal shape.
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  • -49%

    Vibhuti Crafts Synthetic Hair Flat Brush Size-1

    • Designed to give less strain on your fingers
    • Long life paint brush hair
    • Clean brush with soapy water after use
    • WOODEN HANDLE & BRASS FERRULES – Offers More Control of the Brush While Painting Close to the Canvas. Nickel Plated Brass Ferrules Bounds and Holds the Bristles So That They Don’t Shed and Wiggle.
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  • -39%

    Choose Your Own Colors // Felt Sheets A4

    • This is a Felt sheet, A4 in size and 1mm and 2mm thick. available in many colours.
    • Each sheet is made with supreme Quality Felt
    • Best for scrapbooking, hobby crafts, project making, decorations
    • Perfect for cutting into shapes, making costumes, decorations, bulletin board backdrops and school projects; easy to iron and safe for kids., item good for many craft projects and sewing DIY craft
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  • -43%

    Vibhuti Crafts Quilling Tools and Accessories Set

    • 1Pcs of set quilling comb, needle, crimper, mold, border buddy.
    • High-quality quilling tool set
    • 3 Quilling tools for beginner and professional
    • Made of high-quality steel
    • Smooth surface, gentle to quilling paper
    • Ideal for children, adults and professional quilling artists
    • The quilling comb is used to make flower petals, the quilling needle is used to make quilling paper.
    • The Quilling Needle is ideal for achieving sweeping curves
    • The Quilling Crimper is ideal for making dentate frame edge
    • Quilling Needle is strong and durable.
    • Quilling Mold: A mold is an accessory tool for quilling craft.
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    Mandala dotting tool set

    • Material: stainless steel, acrylic and wooden, acrylic colorful handle acrylic white transparent handle, eco-friendly wooden
    • You can use it for nail art, tattoo, scrapbooking, ceramic, pottery, rock painting, sculpture and other art and craft supplies.
    • Made of durable stainless steel
    • Can use for coloring and painting
    • Easy to clean and reuse
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    Hardcover Diary- 21x14cm, 160 Pages, 1 Pc

    • 21x14cm (A5 size), 160 pages
    • Ecofriendly hardcover
    • Rounded corners and elastic closure
    • Perfect for maintaining personal records, using as a planner, making journal entries or using in school projects
    • The convenient size fits easily in handbags, schoolbags, and backpack. Ideal for carrying along.
    • A wonderful gift option
    Paper style
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  • -43%

    Vibhuti Crafts – Sequins,Beads, Smiley

    • PACKAGE INCLUDES- 25 gram & 50 grams for different sequins and bead
    • SIZE- The size of the Smiley design & each piece measures 1/4 inch (5-6 mm). The size of emoji beads ranges between 6-8 mm
    • Those alphabet letter beads for making kandi beads bracelet jewelry can be gifts for family and friends.
    • Colourful and cute fruit slices are made of safe and durable polymer clay, which is non-toxic and will not fade
    • Rubber Polymer slices are tiny, soft and cute, best for nail art decoration and fit all fingernails, also ideal for face decoration, makeup addition or crafts supply.
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  • -39%

    Precision Tweezer Pointed 1Pc

    • Superior quality.
    • Precision tip.
    • Perfect for picking tiny craft supplies like beads, findings and sequins.
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