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    Precision Tweezer Pointed 1Pc

    • Superior quality.
    • Precision tip.
    • Perfect for picking tiny craft supplies like beads, findings and sequins.
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    Vibhuti Crafts Epoxy Art Resin – 120grams & Hardener – 40grams, Transparent, 1pc

    • Odour & fume free.
    • Auto bubble release
    • Self-leveling resin
    • Non-yellowing
    • Mixes well with Resin color/pigments
    • Long shelf life
    • Water & stain resistant
    • No pot life: 45 minutes
    • Full internal cure: 48 hours
    • Touch dry: 12 hours
    • Cure to handle: 10 hours
    • Overcoat time: after full curing
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    Paper Cups- Pack of 10

    • Pack of 10 Cups
    • The pack of ten allows easy storage, carrying, and usage options
    • These light-weight, eco-friendly, disposable cups are wonderful to see during traveling too.
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    Wooden Tooth Pick 2.5″, 50Pc

    • These Tooth Picks 2.5″, come in a pack of 50Pc pack.
    • As the name suggests, these are not only for Tooth Picking but find many uses in Various Craft and DIY projects- Toy making, School projects.
    • These Wooden Toothpicks can also be used to hold Clay together in Clay Crafting.
    • Made with special soft wood.
    • Eco-friendly product
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    Resin DIY Kit with Jewellery Easy Resin Cast

    • We are offering high quality proven, tested, and safe art resin starter kit which is perfect for earring-making kit and it is highly glossy for coating and casting a craft: Two components of epoxy resin and hardener with a mix ratio of 1:1. With a highly transparent.
    • With tabletop epoxy resin, countertops, resin jewelry, or even jewelry you need durability, that’s why we crafted an epoxy formulation. With our Resin Jewelry kit, the design you will handcraft will build to last.
    • For beginners, this is the only complete epoxy resin kit you’ll ever need to upstart your hobby. If creativity is your passion, then you’ll appreciate our amazing clear-cast epoxy resin kit.
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    Vibhuti Crafts Jewellery Findings 25Grm

    • Beading basic jewellery essential
    • They provide secure connection points for multiple strands, adding clasps, and more
    • Great for necklaces, rings, bracelets, chains and other DIY jewellery making
    • Suitable to use with our wide range of jewellery-making supplies
    • Available in different finishes and sizes
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