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    Electromagnetic 5V Buzzer

    • 1 Pc Electromagnetic active Buzzer
    • A buzzer or beeper is an audio signaling device.
    • These 5V electronic buzzers offer a high and rich sound, ideal for all applications, and can be applied to telephone times, calling devices, time pieces.
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    Battery Cap

    • 1 Pc Battery Cap
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    Vibhuti Crafts Flexible Breadboard Jumper Wires

    • This cable is an electrical wire or group of them in a cable with a connector or pins at each end, which is normally for interconnecting the components of a breadboard or other prototype or test circuit, internally or with other equipment or components, without soldering.
    • Mostly it is useful with Orange Pi, Banana Pi, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other mini pc and development board. It is very useful in the PCB project, pc motherboard, as well as Breadboard connections. Additionally, it allows you to plug and unplug easily for prototyping and can be used over and over again.
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    9V High-Quality Battery

    • 1 Pc 9V Battery
    • DIY School Projects Kit
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    400 Points Solderless Breadboard- 1Pcs

    • 1 Pc Breadboard | 400 Points Solderless Breadboard
    • Very useful in building temporary circuits.
    • Compatible with resistance, diodes, transistors, LEDs, Capacitors, and other types of electronic components.
    • Colored coordinates for easy components placement.
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    Push Button Switch

    • 1 Pc Switch
    • Shaft Shape: Round
    • Used in the fields of electronic products, household appliances, and more.
    • Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and dismantle.
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    DIY Mini Loop game Kit

    • Make your own Mini Loop game and play it with your friends
    • Perfect kit for STEM education, tech workshops, weekend projects, holiday presents
    • This is a fun kit for beginner to learn about DIY electronics, great for learning electronics and make your own fun projects.
    • This is a DIY kit for beginners to learn about electronics.
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    DIY Electronics Kit for Beginners – Basics of Circuits


    • Make over more projects with this DIY Electronics Kit, All Tested and OK
    • A great gift for everyone. DIY Electronics Kit is unique and practical, a popular science and technology learning tool for 8+ ages & above, it can develop hands-on experience, improve their ability in problem-solving and provide an opportunity to be creative!
    • The kit includes the Breadboard, Jumper Wire, Battery, LED, Buzzer, Push Button, DC Motor, Templates and Instruction sheet. You can buy different components to extend the learning experience!

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    DIY Mini Electronics Kit

    • WHAT’S INSIDE: 15Pcs Different LEDs, 1Pcs Battery, 1Pcs Battery Cap, 2Pcs Connectors, 10Pcs Male to Male Jumper Wires, 2Pcs Buzzers, 1Pcs Breadboard, 2Pcs Switches
    • WHY MYSKILLSHAALA DIY ELECTRONICS KIT: A single-stop solution with all components and learning material that you’ll need to get started with electronics.
    • BUILD SKILLS FOR LIFE: Enhance Creativity, Learn Problem Solving, Build Confidence and Make Innovative Projects.
    • LEARN ONLINE: Become a member of an awesome online community of learners, makers and innovators. Learn 50+ Skills with 500+ activities from amazing educators.
    • A PERFECT GIFT: Educational, Fun-filled and Interactive. An ideal gift option for kids of Age 8 Years onwards.
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    5v Active Electromagnetic Buzzer- 5Pcs

    • ACTIVE BUZZER; Rated Voltage: 5V, Pack of 5
    • Small and Light
    • High efficiency
    • Useful in projects, toys, dashboards, warning signals
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    5mm Light Assorted Kit DIY LEDs Set (Pack of 25)

    • Quantity: 25 pieces | 5mm Round Water Clear LED Lamp
    • For LED light, indication, illumination
    • Viewing angle: 40 degree
    • With lowest power consumption, long life, and super bright
    • Common LEDs which are used in all types of electronic projects
    • All bright colours led red, green, yellow, blue, white
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