DIY Popsicle Stick Pen Stand


  • WHAT’S INSIDE: Ice-Cream Stick, Googly Eye, Foam Sheet, Cutter, Glue Stick
  • DIY Pen Stand: A single stop solution with all material that you’ll need to get started like Pen Stand or many other Crafts Projects..
  • Smooth Edges, Premium Quality, Safety & Food Grand Quality, Great for Craft Projects

There are a number of reasons why Natural wood ice cream is still so popular in parents, teachers, and creative art lovers, It creates a close parent-child relationship along with kids brain growth Teachers and students can create many fun-filled art projects such as famous cranes, airplane, flowers, and animals A Classic Gift idea for your grandchildren or your loved ones on their special days throughout the year.

With this amazing set of Ice-Cream Stick, Googly Eye, Foam Sheet, Cutter, Glue Stick. you can enjoy more fun in the DIY projects by simply creating unique shapes, objects and anything that you can imagine. 100% QC Tested Products, Perfectly Packed.


1 review for DIY Popsicle Stick Pen Stand

  1. Khushboo

    I was looking for a way to create a pen stand for my nephew and he loved it! He was able to use it right away with the step-by-step instructions and it was easy enough for him to follow. The instructions were easy to understand and all the necessary items were included in the kit. I’d definitely recommend this kit for kids who love fun crafts and would like to learn how to create a pen stand. It’s a great activity for them!

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