Vibhuti Crafts Epoxy Art Resin – 120grams & Hardener – 40grams, Transparent, 1pc


  • Odour & fume free.
  • Auto bubble release
  • Self-leveling resin
  • Non-yellowing
  • Mixes well with Resin color/pigments
  • Long shelf life
  • Water & stain resistant
  • No pot life: 45 minutes
  • Full internal cure: 48 hours
  • Touch dry: 12 hours
  • Cure to handle: 10 hours
  • Overcoat time: after full curing


How to use art resin:

Mix Resin and Hardener in the ratio 3:1 by volume preferably in paper/silicone cup with a wooden stirrer.

Stir the mixture well for about 3 minutes. Let it sit for 1 minute for bubbles to release.

Place the base on a levelled surface & pour the resin over your work.

Bubbles if any, will start rising to the surface & will pop on their own. If not, use a hot air gun over the un-popped bubbles.

The Resin needs to sit in a dust-free space while it hardened. Within 24 to 48 hours it will fully dry.

If required, apply 2nd coat only after the resin is fully hardened.


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