Vibhuti Crafts – Sequins,Beads, Smiley


  • PACKAGE INCLUDES- 25 gram & 50 grams for different sequins and bead
  • SIZE- The size of the Smiley design & each piece measures 1/4 inch (5-6 mm). The size of emoji beads ranges between 6-8 mm
  • Those alphabet letter beads for making kandi beads bracelet jewelry can be gifts for family and friends.
  • Colourful and cute fruit slices are made of safe and durable polymer clay, which is non-toxic and will not fade
  • Rubber Polymer slices are tiny, soft and cute, best for nail art decoration and fit all fingernails, also ideal for face decoration, makeup addition or crafts supply.


Sequins are decorative ornaments that are sewn on garments to give them an attractive look. Plastic Sequins are made up of the best quality Vibhuti Crafts, durable polymer material. Sequins offer a broad color palette and they are available in a large variety of geometric shapes. Commonly used to adorn clothing, jewelry, bags, and shoes; these plastic sequins add a style quotient to your overall look. They are stitched flat on the surface so that they do not move and are less likely to fall off. Sequins are generally stitched from one side so that they can dangle and move easily to catch more light. Plastic sequins used for surface ornamentation have a faceted surface, which increases their reflective ability.

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Alphabet Beads, Balloon, Butterfly, Heart, Smiley, Mix


25gram, 50gram


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