Vibhuti Crafts Synthetic Hair Flat Brush Size-1


  • Designed to give less strain on your fingers
  • Long life paint brush hair
  • Clean brush with soapy water after use
  • WOODEN HANDLE & BRASS FERRULES – Offers More Control of the Brush While Painting Close to the Canvas. Nickel Plated Brass Ferrules Bounds and Holds the Bristles So That They Don’t Shed and Wiggle.
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Designed to give you the Great mix between balance and comfort, to deliver that consistent stroke that every artist desires. Short Handle offers more control while giving the freedom to zone in on the fine details and work up close. These Paint Brushes offer good liquid holding capacity and spring back. Fine, natural looking synthetic bristles make these paint brushes suitable for acrylic painting, watercolors, gouache and face painting, and will consistently deliver an even coat of paint, wash after wash. They retain their shape and glide easily on the canvas or any medium, making it easier for the artist to paint and bring out their creative expression. Round bristles are perfect for fine details and lines, delicate areas, spotting and retouching.

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